Stachytarpheta leaf curl virus is a novel monopartite begomovirus species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Q. Xiong, Fan, S., Guo, X., Zhou, X.
Journal:Arch Virol
Date Published:Nov
Keywords:China, DNA: Viral, Geminiviridae, Lamiaceae, Molecular Sequence Data, Phylogeny, Plant Diseases, Plant Leaves, Polymerase Chain Reaction

Begomovirus isolates were obtained from Stachytarpheta jamaicensis plants showing leaf curl and chlorosis symptoms collected in the Hainan province of China. The complete sequences of isolates Hn5-4, Hn6-1, Hn30 and Hn34 were determined to be 2748, 2751, 2748 and 2748 nucleotides long, respectively. The complete sequences of the four isolates share more than 94.9% nucleotide sequence identity, but all of them have less than 86% nucleotide sequence identity with other reported begomoviruses. The molecular data show that Hn5-4, Hn6-1, Hn30 and Hn34 are isolates of a distinct begomovirus species, for which the name Stachytarpheta leaf curl virus (StaLCV) is proposed. PCR and Southern blot analyses demonstrate that all the collected field samples are not associated with DNAbeta or DNA-B components. An infectious clone of StaLCV isolate Hn5-4 was constructed, and could efficiently infect Nicotiana benthamiana, N. tabacum Samsun, N. glutinosa, Lycopersicon esculentum and Petunia hybrida plants, inducing upward leaf roll and vein swelling symptoms. In addition, we illustrate that StaLCV can functionally interact with distinct DNAbeta molecules in plants.

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