Project Sampling1

Overview of Our Sampling Strategy
To place Lamiaceae within Lamiales, we will conduct plastome sequencing for ~100 taxa of Lamiales, representing the following families: Acanthaceae, Bignoniaceae, Byblidaceae, Lentibulariaceae, Linderniaceae, Martyniaceae, Mazaceae, Orobanchaceae, Paulowniaceae, Pedaliaceae, Phrymaceae, Rehmanniaceae, Schlegeliaceae, Scrophulariaceae (s.s.), Stilbaceae, Thomandersiaceae, and Verbenaceae. Sampling will be guided by our own data (Fig. 2; Stull et al. 2012, 2014, submitted; Godden et al. 2014, in prep.), Schäferhoff et al. (2010), McDade et al. (2012), Olmstead (2012), and Refulio-Rodriguez & Olmstead (2014). All necessary Lamiales samples are either in hand, available from listed collaborators, or readily obtainable in US botanical gardens.

We propose sampling ~1000 species of Lamiaceae, representing approximately 14% of currently recognized species diversity (see list below). Our sampling strategy is designed to encompass all ~236 genera of Lamiaceae and roughly equal proportions of the total species
diversity within each subfamily: Ajugoideae (24 genera, 137 species); Lamioideae (63 genera, 244 species); Nepetoideae (104 genera, 491 species); Prostantheroideae (15 genera, 45 species); Scutellarioideae (5 genera, 42 species); Symphorematoideae (3 genera, 7 species); and Viticoideae (10 genera, 57 species). Likewise, we will sample proportionally within other large clades within the family (e.g., tribes, subtribes, large genera). We will also sample all 10 genera that were considered incertae sedis by Harley et al. (2004). Furthermore, recognizing that many genera are nonmonophyletic as currently circumscribed, we have used our comprehensive family-wide hypothesis (Fig. 4) to guide our sampling decisions and to facilitate reconstruction of relationships among all subclades. For large genera (e.g., Callicarpa, Hyptis, Salvia), we have employed a sampling strategy that considers previous infrageneric work and covers as much taxonomic and geographic breadth as possible, but does not oversample recent rapid radiations (e.g., Salvia subgenus Calosphace).

Sample Coordination Within Our Global Network of Collaborators
We have established a collaboration with the Scratchpads team to develop a new tool to coordinate and manage taxonomic sampling, using Darwin Core standards to link information on specimens, tissues, and other data available through our Scratchpad. This dynamic tool will allow us to coordinate exchange of genetic resources within our global network of collaborators, to track the status of individual samples throughout all phases of the project, and to export reports or voucher tables for publication.

Proposed Taxonomic Sampling

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I. Lamiales

II. Lamiaceae

1. Subfamily: Symphorematoideae
2. Subfamily: Viticoideae
3. Subfamily: Ajugoideae
4. Subfamily: Prostantheroideae
     A. Tribe Chloantheae
     B. Tribe Westringieae
5. Subfamily: Scutellarioideae
6. Subfamily: Lamioideae
7. Subfamily: Nepetoideae
     A. Tribe Elscholtzieae
     B. Tribe Mentheae
         a. Subtribe Salviinae
         b. Subtribe Menthinae
         c. Subtribe Prunellinae
         d. Subtribe Nepetinae
     C. Tribe Ocimeae
         a. Subtribe Lavandulinae
         b. Subtribe Hanceolinae
         c. Subtribe Hyptidinae
         d. Subtribe Ociminae
         e. Subtribe Plectranthinae
8. Genera Incertae Sedis

Note: The proportion of sampled species diversity is indicated below for each genus in Lamiaceae. Species diversity estimates were derived from Harley et al. (2004) and modified as necessary.

Lamiales (sensu Olmstead, 2012,

Acanthus mollis
Asystasia gangetica
Barleria cristata
Justicia americana
Ruellia humilis
Thunbergia grandiflora

Bignonia capreolata
Campsis radicans
Catalpa bignonioides
Dolichandra unguis-cati
Jacaranda mimosifolia
Tabebouia aurea

Byblis aquatica
Byblis filifolia
Byblis gigantea
Byblis liniflora

Calceolaria uniflora
Calceolaria perfoliata
Calceolaria purpurea
Jovellana violacea

Silvianthus tonkinensis

Aeschynanthus lobbianus
Columnea schiedeana
Gesneria pauciflora
Sinningia cardinalis

Ajuga reptans
Callicarpa americana
Gmelina arborea
Hanceola exserta
Hyptis mutabilis
Lamium purpureum
Lavandula angustifolia
Mentha arvensis
Nepeta cataria
Ocimum basilicum
Perilla frutescens
Prostanthera lasianthos
Prunella vulgaris
Salvia hispanica
Scutellaria longifolia
Symphorema involucratum
Tectona grandis
Vitex trifolia
Westringia brevifolia

Pinguicula caerulea
Pinguicula moranensis
Utricularia bisquamata
Utricularia floridana

Lindernia crustacea
Micranthemum umbrosum
Torenia stolonifera

Martynia annua
Ibicella lutea
Proboscidea louisianica

Lancea tibetica
Mazus reptans
Mazus pumilis

Forsynthia intermedia
Cartrema americana
Fraxinus americana
Ligustrum vulgare
Syringa vulgaris

Agalinis linifolia
Epifagus virginiana
Castilleja exserta
Conopholis americana
Orobanche uniflora
Pedicularis canadensis

Brandisia hancei
Paulownia tomentosa
Wightia speciosissima

Ceratotheca triloba
Rogeria longiflora
Sesamum indicum
Uncarina grandidieri

Diplacus aurantiacus
Erythranthe gutatta
Phryma leptostachya

Bacopa caroliniana
Digitalis purpurea
Gratiola floridana
Plantago lanceolata
Veronica officinalis

Plocosperma buxifolium

Rehmannia glutinosa

Gibsoniothamnus cornutus
Schlegelia brachyantha
Schlegelia parviflora

Bontia daphnoides
Buddleja davidii
Capraria biflora
Scrophularia marilandica
Verbascum blattaria

Nuxia floribunda
Bowkeria gerrardiana
Bowkeria verticillata
Halleria lucida

Polypremum procumbens

Thomandersia congolana
Thomandersia hensii
Thomandersia laurifolia

Glandularia canadensis
Lantana camara
Lippia graveolens
Verbena hastata

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Subfamily: Symphorematoideae Briq. in Engler & Prantl

Congea Roxb. (2/11)
Congea tomentosa
Congea griffithiana

Sphenodesme Jack (3/14)
Sphenodesme amethystina
Sphenodesme eryciboides
Sphenodesme mollis

Symphorema Roxb. (2/3)
Symphorema involucratum
Symphorema polyandrum

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Subfamily: Viticoideae Briq. in Engler & Prantl

Cornutia L. (2/12)
Cornutia grandiflora
Cornutia pyramidata

Gmelina L. (5/33)
Gmelina aborea
Gmelina philippensis
Gmelina basifilum
Gmelina evoluta
Gmelina fasciculiflora

Paravitex Fletcher (1/1)
Paravitex siamica

Petitia Jacq. (1/2)
Petitia domingensis

Premna L. (15/194)
Premna angolensis
Premna barbata
Premna cordifolia
Premna corymbosa
Premna herbacea
Premna microphylla
Premna obtusifolia
Premna odorata
Premna puberula
Premna punctulata
Premna rabakensis
Premna resinosa
Premna serrata
Premna siamensis
Premna trichostoma

Pseudocarpidium Millsp. (2/8)
Pseudocarpidium domingense
Pseudocarpidium wrightii

Teijsmanniodendron Koorders (3/14)
Teijsmanniodendron bogoriense
Teijsmanniodendron simplicifolium
Teijsmanniodendron pteropodum

Tsoongia Merrill (1/1)
Tsoongia axillariflora

Vitex L. (26/250)
Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex burmensis
Vitex cannabifolia
Vitex carvahlii
Vitex cofassus
Vitex doniana
Vitex gaumeri
Vitex glabrata
Vitex limonifolia
Vitex lokundjensis
Vitex lucens
Vitex negundo var. heterophylla
Vitex parviflora
Vitex pierrei
Vitex rehmannii
Vitex rotundifolia
Vitex trifolia
Vitex tripinnata
Vitex vestita
Vitex pinnata
Vitex keniensis
Vitex obovata
Vitex zeyheri
Vitex megapotamica
Vitex divaricata
Vitex altissima

Viticipremna H.J. Lam (2/5)
Viticipremna queenslandica
Viticipremna philippinensis

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Subfamily: Ajugoideae Kostel.

Aegiphila Jacq. (18/116)
Aegiphila alba
Aegiphila anomala
Aegiphila brachiata
Aegiphila cephalophora
Aegiphila costaricensis
Aegiphila elata
Aegiphila hassleri
Aegiphila martinicensis
Aegiphila multiflora
Aegiphila panamensis
Aegiphila sellowiana
Aegiphila boliviana
Aegiphila capitata
Aegiphila caymanensis
Aegiphila cordata
Aegiphila longifolia
Aegiphila mediterranea
Aegiphila volubilis

Ajuga L. (7/60)
Ajuga reptans
Ajuga bracteosa
Ajuga lobata
Ajuga salicifolia
Ajuga yesoensis
Ajuga oocephala
Ajuga japonica

Amasonia L. f. (2/8)
Amasonia hirta
Amasonia angustifolia

Amethystea L. (1/1)
Amethystea caerulea

Caryopteris Bunge (2/7)
Caryopteris incana
Caryopteris nepetifolia

Clerodendrum L. (45/450)
Clerodendrum acerbianum
Clerodendrum aculeatum
Clerodendrum aggregatum
Clerodendrum buchananii
Clerodendrum buchneri
Clerodendrum bungei
Clerodendrum canescens
Clerodendrum capitatum
Clerodendrum chinense
Clerodendrum costaricense
Clerodendrum cyrtophyllum
Clerodendrum emirnense
Clerodendrum eriophyllum
Clerodendrum floribundum
Clerodendrum fortunatum
Clerodendrum glabrum
Clerodendrum hildebrandtii
Clerodendrum humbertii
Clerodendrum indicum
Clerodendrum inerme
Clerodendrum japonicum
Clerodendrum laevifolium
Clerodendrum lanceolatum
Clerodendrum ligustrinum
Clerodendrum lindleyi
Clerodendrum linifolium
Clerodendrum longiflorum
Clerodendrum mandarinorum
Clerodendrum minahassae
Clerodendrum paniculatum
Clerodendrum philippinum
Clerodendrum pittieri
Clerodendrum poggei
Clerodendrum polycephalum
Clerodendrum quadriloculare
Clerodendrum schweinfurthii
Clerodendrum speciosissimum
Clerodendrum spinosum
Clerodendrum splendens
Clerodendrum thomsoniae
Clerodendrum trichotomum
Clerodendrum umbellatum
Clerodendrum volubile
Clerodendrum wallichii
Clerodendrum yunnanense

Discretitheca P.D. Cantino (1/1)
Discretitheca nepalensis

Faradaya F. Muell. (1/3)
Faradaya splendida

Glossocarya Wall. Ex Griff. (2/13)
Glossocarya calcicola
Glossocarya scandens

Hosea Ridl. (1/1)
Hosea lobbii

Huxleya Ewart (1/1)
Huxleya linifolia

Karomia Dop (1/9)
Karomia speciosa
Karomia fragrans

Monochilus Fisch. & C.A. Mey (1/2)
Monochilus gloxinifolius

Oncinocalyx F. Muell. (1/1)
Oncinocalyx betchei

Oxera Labill. (1/21)
Oxera pulchella
Oxera sessilifolia
Oxera coriacea
Oxera glandulosa
Oxera rugosa

Pseudocaryopteris P.D. Cantino (1/3)
Pseudocaryopteris paniculata

Rotheca Raf. (9/55)
Rotheca serrata
Rotheca myricoides
Rotheca hirsuta
Rotheca aurantiaca
Rotheca pilosa
Rotheca microphylla
Rotheca rupicola
Rotheca violacea
Rotheca wildii

Rubiteucris Kudô (1/2)
Rubiteucris palmata

Schnabelia Hand.-Mazz. (1/5)
Schnabelia tetradonta

Spartothamnella Briq. (1/3)
Spartothamnella juncea

Teucridium Hook. F. (1/1)
Teucridium parvifolium

Teucrium L. (30/250)
Teucrium aureum
Teucrium capitatum
Teucrium edelbergii
Teucrium eriocephalum
Teucrium francoi
Teucrium fruticans
Teucrium heterophyllum
Teucrium hircanicum
Teucrium intricatum
Teucrium japonicum
Teucrium jolyi
Teucrium kotschyanum
Teucrium lamiifolium
Teucrium lucidum
Teucrium marum
Teucrium massiliense
Teucrium microphyllum
Teucrium montanum
Teucrium oxylepis
Teucrium polium
Teucrium pseudochamaepitys
Teucrium quadrifarium
Teucrium racemosum
Teucrium resupinatum
Teucrium royleanum
Teucrium scordium
Teucrium scorodonia
Teucrium sessiliflorum
Teucrium trifidum
Teucrium viscidum

Trichostema L. (3/17)
Trichostema lanatum
Trichostema dichotomum
Trichostema lanceolatum

Tripora P.D. Cantino (1/1)
Tripora divaricata

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Subfamily: Prostantheroideae Luerssen

Tribe Chloantheae Benth. & Hook. f.

Brachysola Rye (1/2)
Brachysola coerulea

Chloanthes R. Br. (1/4)
Chloanthes glandulosa

Cyanostegia Turcz. (1/5)
Cyanostegia lanceolata

Dicrastylis J. Drumm. ex Harv. (4/26)
Dicrastylis archeri
Dicrastylis corymbosa
Dicrastylis flexuosa
Dicrastylis incana

Hemiphora F. Muell. (1/1)
Hemiphora lanata

Lachnostachys Hook. (1/6)
Lachnostachys eriobotrya

Mallophora Endl. (1/2)
Mallophora globiflora

Newcastelia F. Muell. (2/12)
Newcastelia bracteosa
Newcastelia elliptica

Physopsis Turcz. (1/2)
Physopsis spicata

Pityrodia R. Br. (8/45)
Pityrodia pungens
Pityrodia salviifolia
Pityrodia scabra
Pityrodia teckiana
Pityrodia terminalis
Pityrodia cuneata
Pityrodia atriplicina
Pityrodia quadrangulata

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Tribe Westringieae Bartl.

Hemiandra R. Br. (3/14)
Hemiandra rutilans
Hemiandra pungens
Hemiandra gardneri

Microcorys R. Br. (4/20)
Microcorys barbata
Microcorys exserta
Microcorys longiflora
Microcorys virgata

Prostanthera Labill. (15/100)
Prostanthera incana
Prostanthera albiflora
Prostanthera caerulea
Prostanthera calycina
Prostanthera chlorantha
Prostanthera cruciflora
Prostanthera incisa
Prostanthera lanceolata 
Prostanthera lasianthos
Prostanthera linearis
Prostanthera parvifolia
Prostanthera petraea
Prostanthera rotundifolia
Prostanthera sericea
Prostanthera walteri 
Prostanthera spinosa

Westringia Sm. (5/25)
Westringia rosmariniformis
Westringia brevifolia
Westringia crassifolia
Westringia longifolia
Westringia rigida
Westringia rupicola

Wrixonia F. Muell. (1/2)
Wrixonia prostantheroides

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Subfamily: Scutellarioideae Luerssen

Holmskioldia Retz. (1/1)
Holmskioldia sanguinea

Renschia Vatke (1/1)
Renschia heterotypica

Scutellaria L. (36/360)
Scutellaria adsurgens
Scutellaria albida
Scutellaria albida
Scutellaria altissima
Scutellaria anomala
Scutellaria mexicana
Scutellaria bolanderi
Scutellaria brevibracteata
Scutellaria caerulea
Scutellaria coccinea
Scutellaria columnae
Scutellaria cristata
Scutellaria cypria
Scutellaria discolor 
Scutellaria eplingii
Scutellaria floridana
Scutellaria tuberosa
Scutellaria galericulata
Scutellaria glabriuscula
Scutellaria schweinfurthii
Scutellaria heterophylla
Scutellaria incana
Scutellaria integrifolia
Scutellaria woodii
Scutellaria laevis 
Scutellaria leucantha
Scutellaria lindbergii
Scutellaria mexicana
Scutellaria minor
Scutellaria multicaulis
Scutellaria nana
Scutellaria oaxacana
Scutellaria orientalis
Scutellaria ovata
Scutellaria parvula
Scutellaria pinnatifida

Tinnea Kotschy ex Hook. f. (3/19)
Tinnea aethiopica
Tinnea barbata
Tinnea vesiculosa

Wenchengia C.Y. Wu & S. Chow (1/1)
Wenchengia alternifolia

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Subfamily: Lamioideae Harley

Achyrospermum Blume (4/25)
Achyrospermum cryptanthum
Achyrospermum parviflorum
Achyrospermum schimperi
Achyrospermum fruticosum

Acrotome Benth. ex Endl. (1/6)
Acrotome pallescens

Ajugoides Makino (1/1)
Ajugoides humilis

Alajja Ikonn. (1/3)
Alajja rhomboidea

Anisomeles R. Br. (1/3)
Anisomeles indica

Ballota L. (5/30)
Ballota nigra
Ballota undulata
Ballota aucheri
Ballota frutescens
Ballota integrifolia

Bostrychanthera Benth. (1/2)
Bostrychanthera deflexa

Brazoria Englm. ex A. Gray (1/3)
Brazoria arenaria

Chaiturus Willd. (1/1)
Chaiturus marrubiastrum

Chamaesphacos Schrenk ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey (1/1)
Chamaesphacos ilicifolius

Chelonopsis Miq. (3/16)
Chelonopsis rosea
Chelonopsis yagiharana
Chelonopsis moschata

Colebrookea Sm. (1/1)
Colebrookea oppositifolia

Colquhounia Wall. (1/6)
Colquhounia elegans

Comanthosphace S. Moore (2/5)
Comanthosphace japonica
Comanthosphace formosana

Craniotome Rchb. (1/1)
Craniotome furcata

Eremostachys Bunge (6/33)
Eremostachys arctiifolia
Eremostachys glabra
Eremostachys boissieriana
Eremostachys fetisovii
Eremostachys tournefortii
Eremostachys speciosa

Eriophyton Benth. (1/6)
Eriophyton wallichii

Eurysolen Prain (1/1)
Eurysolen gracilis

Galeopsis L. (2/10)
Galeopsis tetrahit
Galeopsis bifida

Gomphostemma Wall. ex Benth. (5/36)
Gomphostemma crinitum
Gomphostemma chinense
Gomphostemma arbusculum
Gomphostemma wallichii
Gomphostemma javanicum

Haplostachys (A. Gray) W.F. Hillebr. (1/5)
Haplostachys haplostachya

Hypogomphia Bunge (1/3)
Hypogomphia bucharica

Isoleucas O. Schwartz (1/1)
Isoleucas arabica

Lagochilus Bunge ex Benth. (6/40)
Lagochilus ilicifolius
Lagochilus cabulicus
Lagochilus hirtus
Lagochilus inebrians
lagochilus occultiflorus
Lagochilus xianjiangensis

Lagopsis (Bunge ex Benth.) Bunge (3/5)
Lagopsis supina
Lagopsis marrubiastrum
Lagopsis eriostachya

Lamiophlomis Kudô (1/1)
Lamiophlomis rotata

Lamium L. (6/24)
Lamium chinense
Lamium multifidum
Lamium album
Lamium tuberosum
Lamium bifidum
Lamium galeobdolon

Leonotis (Pers.) R. Br. (4/10)
Leonotis nepetifolia
Leonotis myricifolia
Leonotis leonurus 
Leonotis ocymifolia

Leonurus L. (4/25)
Leonurus sibiricus
Leonurus macranthus
Leonurus glaucescens
Leonurus quinquelobatus

Leucas Burm. ex. R. Br. (17/100)
Leucas minimifolia
Leucas inflata
Leucas deflexa
Leucas sexdentata
Leucas flagellifera
Leucas stachydiformis
Leucas aspera
Leucas lavandulifolia
Leucas lanata
Leucas glabrata
Leucas urticifolia
Leucas martinicensis
Leucas bakeri 
Leucas capensis
Leucas zeylanica

Leucosceptrum Sm. (1/1)
Leucosceptrum canum

Loxocalyx Hemsl. (1/3)
Loxocalyx quinquenervius

Macbridea Elliott ex Nutt. (1/2)
Macbridea alba

Marrubium L. (5/40)
Marrubium thessalum
Marrubium peregrinum
Marrubium vulgare
Marrubium alysson
Marrubium leonuroides

Matsumurella Makino (1/1)
Matsumurella tuberifera

Melittis L. (1/1)
Melittis melissophyllum

Metastachydium Airy Shaw ex C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li (1/1)
Metastachydium sagittatum

Microtoena Prain (5/24)
Microtoena delavayi
Microtoena patchoulii
Microtoena urticifolia
Microtoena affinis
Microtoena longisepala

Moluccella L. (3/3)
Moluccella aucheri
Moluccella laevis
Moluccella spinosa

Notochaete Benth. (1/2)
Notochaete longiaristata

Otostegia Benth. (5/15)
Otostegia modesta
Otostegia erlangeri
Otostegia olgae
Otostegia bucharica
Otostegia sogdiana

Panzerina Soják (1/2)
Panzerina canescens
Panzerina lanata

Paralamium Dunn 2
Paralamium griffithii

Paraphlomis (Prain) Prain (5/20)
Paraphlomis hispida
Paraphlomis hirsutissima
Paraphlomis javanica
Paraphlomis shunchangensis
Paraphlomis parviflora

Phlomidoschema (Benth.) Vved. (1/1)
Phlomidoschema parviflorum

Phlomis/Phlomoides L. (15/100)
Phlomis bruguieri
Phlomis fruticosa
Phlomis purpurea
Phlomis rigida
Phlomis stewartii 
Phlomis tomentosa
Phlomis viscosa
Phlomis oppositiflora
Phlomis lanata
Phlomis sewerzowii 
Phlomoides tuberosa
Phlomoides milingensis
Phlomoides hamosa
Phlomoides tibetica
Phlomoides umbrosa

Phyllostegia Benth. (5/34)
Phyllostegia waimeae
Phyllostegia velutina
Phyllostegia wawrana
Phyllostegia vestita
Phyllostegia variabilis

Physostegia Benth. (2/12)
Physostegia angustifolia
Physostegia virginiana

Pogostemon Desf. (9/80)
Pogostemon hirsutus
Pogostemon aquaticus
Pogostemon stellatus
Pogostemon quadrifolius
Pogostemon benghalensis
Pogostemon heyneanus
Pogostemon paniculatus
Pogostemon erectus
Pogostemon xanthiifolius

Prasium L. (1/1)
Prasium majus

Pseudoeremostachys Popov (1/1)
Pseudoeremostachys severtzovii

Pseudomarrubium Popov (1/1)
Pseudomarrubium eremostachydioides

Rostrinucula Kudô (1/2)
Rostrinucula dependens

Roylea Wall. ex Benth. (1/1)
Roylea cinerea

Rydingia Scheen & V.A. Albert (1/4)
Rydingia integrifolia

Sideritis L. (18/140)
Sideritis montana
Sideritis scardica
Sideritis syriaca
Sideritis perfoliata
Sideritis soluta
Sideritis gomerae
Sideritis macrostachys
Sideritis nutans
Sideritis tragoriganum
Sideritis antiatlantica
Sideritis glauca
Sideritis romana
Sideritis dasygnaphala
Sideritis leucantha
Sideritis cystosiphon
Sideritis clandestina
Sideritis gossypina
Sideritis hyssopifolia

Stachyopsis Popov & Vved. (2/4)
Stachyopsis oblongata
Stachyopsis maleolens

Stachys L. (60/300)
Stachys aculeolata
Stachys acutifolia
Stachys aethiopica
Stachys affinis
Stachys agraria
Stachys albens
Stachys albotomentosa
Stachys alpigena
Stachys alpina
Stachys ampla
Stachys arabica
Stachys argillicola
Stachys arvensis
Stachys aspera
Stachys baicalensis
Stachys bigelovii
Stachys boraginoides
Stachys bullata
Stachys byzantina
Stachys chamissonis
Stachys chrysantha
Stachys coccinea
Stachys crenata
Stachys cretica
Stachys debilis
Stachys drummondii
Stachys eriantha
Stachys floridana
Stachys geobombycis
Stachys grahamii
Stachys grandidentata
Stachys hyssopoides
Stachys langmaniae
Stachys inflata
Stachys lavandulifolia
Stachys lindenii
Stachys maritima
Stachys nepetifolia
Stachys nephrophylla
Stachys nuttallii
Stachys turcomanica
Stachys pacifica
Stachys pilosa
Stachys pilosissima
Stachys quercetorum
Stachys radicans
Stachys recta
Stachys nephrophylla
Stachys rigida
Stachys rivularis
Stachys rothrockii
Stachys schtschegleevii
Stachys subaphylla
Stachys swainsonii
Stachys sylvatica
Stachys tenuifolia
Stachys torresii
Stachys vulnerabilis
Stachys glutinosa
Stachys burchelliana

Stenogyne Benth. (3/20)
Stenogyne bifida
Stenogyne scrophularioides
Stenogyne microphylla

Sulaimania Hedge & Rech. f. (1/1)
Sulaimania otostegioides 

Suzukia Kudô (1/2)
Suzukia luchuensis

Synandra Nutt. (1/1)
Synandra hispidula 

Thuspeinanta T. Durand (1/2)
Thuspeinanta persica
Thuspeinanta brahuica

Warnockia M.W. Turner (1/1)
Warnockia scutellarioides

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Subfamily: Nepetoideae (Dumort.) Luerss.

Tribe Elscholtzieae (Burnett) Sanders & Cantino

Collinsonia L. (2/4)
Collinsonia canadensis
Collinsonia verticillata

Elsholtzia Willd. (5/40)
Elsholtzia stauntonii
Elsholtzia ciliata
Elsholtzia rugulosa
Elsholtzia penduliflora
Elsholtzia stachyodes

Mosla (Benth.) Buch.-Ham. ex Maxim. (4/22)
Mosla chinensis
Mosla dianthera 
Mosla scabra
Mosla punctulata

Perilla L. (1/1)
Perilla frutescens

Perillula Maxim. (1/1)
Perillula reptans

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Tribe Mentheae Dumort.
     Subtribe Salviinae (Dumort.) Endl.

Dorystoechas Boiss. & Heldr. (1/1)
Dorystoechas hastata

Lepechinia (includes Neoeplingia & Chaunostoma)  Willd. (6/44)
Lepechinia mexicana
Lepechinia mecistandrum
Lepechinia schiedeana
Lepechinia radula
Lepechinia chaemadryoides
Lepechinia floribunda

Melissa L. (1/4)
Melissa officinalis

Meriandra Benth. (1/2)
Meriandra bengalensis

Perovskia Kar. (1/7)
Perovskia atriplicifolia

Rosmarinus L. (1/3)
Rosmarinus officinalis

Salvia L. (77/950)
South & Central America & Mexico (subgenus Calosphace)
Salvia aspera
Salvia axillaris
Salvia azurea
Salvia blepharophylla
Salvia cacaliifolia
Salvia carnea
Salvia cedrosensis
Salvia divinorum
Salvia elegans
Salvia erythrostoma
Salvia farinacea
Salvia fruticulosa
Salvia fulgens
Salvia greggii
Salvia grewiifolia
Salvia patens
Salvia platystoma
Salvia polystachya
Salvia prunelloides
Salvia pubescens
Salvia regla
Salvia retinervia
Salvia rusbyi
Salvia rypara
Salvia sagittata
Salvia scutellarioides
Salvia semiatrata
Salvia sessei
Salvia splendens
Salvia stachydifolia
Salvia styphelus
Salvia subincisa
Salvia thymoides
Salvia tortuosa
Salvia tricuspidata
Salvia tubifera
Salvia uliginosa
Salvia guaranitica
Salvia gravida

Western US (subgenus Audibertia)
Salvia greatae
Salvia mellifera
Salvia columbariae

US, Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, & SW Asia
Salvia austriaca
Salvia brachyantha
Salvia bucharica
Salvia cabulica
Salvia cadmica
Salvia canariensis
Salvia candelabrum
Salvia candidissima
Salvia daghestanica
Salvia deserta
Salvia staminea
Salvia summa
Salvia taraxacifolia
Salvia texana
Salvia verbascifolia
Salvia verbenaca
Salvia verticillata
Salvia viridis
Salvia viscosa
Salvia whitehousei
Salvia rugosa

China, Japan, and East Asia
Salvia arisanensis
Salvia baimaensis
Salvia bowleyana
Salvia brachyloma
Salvia castanea
Salvia chienii
Salvia chinensis
Salvia cynica
Salvia dabieshanensis
Salvia digitaloides
Salvia evansiana
Salvia flava
Salvia japonica

Zhumeria Rech. f. & Wendelbo (1/1)
Zhumeria majdae

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Tribe Mentheae Dumort.
     Subtribe Menthinae (Dumort.) Endl.

Acanthomintha (A. Gray) Benth. & Hook. f. (2/4)
Acanthomintha lanceolata
Acanthomintha ilicifolia

Blephilia Raf. (1/3)
Blephilia ciliata

Bystropogon L’Hér. (1/7)
Bystropogon origanifolius

Clinopodium L. (21/100)
Clinopodium ashei
Clinopodium brownei
Clinopodium hintoniorum
Clinopodium mexicanum
Clinopodium macrostemum
Clinopodium chandleri
Clinopodium chilense
Clinopodium tomentosum
Clinopodium nubigenum
Clinopodium uhligii
Clinopodium simense
Clinopodium abyssinicum
Clinopodium certicum
Clinopodium vulgare
Clinopodium polycephalum
Clinopodium chinense
Clinopodium alpinum
Clinopodium nanum
Clinopodium piperitum
Clinopodium sericeum
Clinopodium robustum

Conradina A. Gray (1/7)
Conradina grandiflora

Cuminia Colla (1/1)
Cuminia eriantha

Cunila D. Royen ex L. (4/15)
Cunila incana
Cunila origanoides
Cunila pycnantha
Cunila microcephala

Cyclotrichium (Boiss.) Manden. & Schreng. (1/8)
Cyclotrichium straminea

Dicerandra Benth. (1/9)
Dicerandra christmanii

Eriothymus (Benth.) Schmidt (1/1)

Glechon Spreng. (1/7)
Glechon marifolia

Gontscharovia Boriss. (1/1)
Gontscharovia popovii

Hedeoma Pers. (11/43)
Hedeoma costata
Hedeoma crenata
Hedeoma hispida
Hedeoma hyssopifolia
Hedeoma mandoniana
Hedeoma martirense
Hedeoma matomiana
Hedeoma media
Hedeoma piperita
Hedeoma polygalaefolia
Hedeoma pulegioides

Hesperozygis Epling (2/8)
Hesperozygis rhododon
Hesperozygis marifolia

Hoehnea Epling (1/4)
Hoehnia epilobioides

Hyssopus L. (1/2)
Hyssopus officinalis

Killickia C. Bräuchler, G. Heubl & A. Doroszenko (1/4)
Killickia grandiflora

Kurzamra Kuntze (1/1)
Kurzamra pulchella

Lycopus L. (3/14)
Lycopus australis
Lycopus americanus
Lycopus lucidus

Horminum L. (1/1)
Horminum pyrenaicum

Cleonia L. (1/1)
Cleonia lusitanica

Mentha L. (3/20)
Mentha arvensis
Mentha spicata
Mentha australis

Micromeria Benth. (10/70)
Micromeria juliana
Micromeria lanata
(Clinopodium) thymifolia
(Clinopodium) dalmatica
Micromeria madagascariensis
Micromeria flagellaris
(Clinopodium) nepalensis
(Clinopodium) wardii
Micromeria imbricata 
Micromeria fontanesii 

Minthostachys (Benth.) Spach (2/12)
Minthostachys mollis
Minthostachys verticillata

Monarda L. (3/20)
Monarda citriodora
Monarda didyma
Monarda fistulosa

Monardella Benth. (4/30)
Monardella arizonica
Monardella hypoleuca
Monardella nana
Monardella odoratissima

Obtegomeria (1/1)
Obtegomeria caerulescens

Origanum L. (6/40)
Origanum majorana
Origanum vulgare
Origanum dictamnus
Origanum rotundifolium
Origanum syriacum
Origanum microphyllum

Pentapleura Hand.-Mazz. (1/1)
Pentapleura subulifera

Piloblephis Raf. (1/1)
Piloblephis rigida

Pogogyne Benth. (2/7)
Pogogyne douglasii
Pogogyne floribunda

Poliomintha A. Gray (4/7)
Poliomintha conjunctrix
Poliomintha glabrescens
Poliomintha incana
Poliomintha longiflora

Pycnanthemum Michx. (3/17)
Pycnanthemum californicum
Pycnanthemum incanum
Pycnanthemum floridanum

Rhabdocaulon (Benth.) Epling (2/7)
Rhabdocaulon erythrostachys
Rhabdocaulon strictum

Rhododon Epling (1/1)
Rhododon ciliatus

Saccocalyx Coss. & Durieu (1/1)
Saccocalyx saturejoides

Satureja L. (7/38)
Satureja linearifolia
Satureja thymbrifolia
Satureja thymbra
Satureja xalapensis
Satureja pallaryi
Satureja montana
Satureja intermedia

Stachydeoma Small (1/1)
Stachydeoma graveolens

Thymbra L. (1/4)
Thymbra capitata

Thymus L. (25/220)
Thymus algeriensis
Thymus broussonetii 
Thymus caespititius 
Thymus callieri 
Thymus cappadocicus
Thymus comptus
Thymus daenensis
Thymus eriocalyx
Thymus funkii
Thymus gobicus
Thymus haussknechtii
Thymus hyemalis
Thymus kotschyanus
Thymus lanceolatus
Thymus magnus
Thymus mastichina 
Thymus munbyanus
Thymus origanoides
Thymus praecox
Thymus pulegioides 
Thymus quinquecostatus
Thymus satureioides 
Thymus serpyllum
Thymus vulgaris 
Thymus willdenowii 

Zataria Boiss. (1/1)
Zataria multiflora 

Ziziphora L. (4/20)
Ziziphora capitata
Ziziphora clinopodioides 
Ziziphora hispanica 
Ziziphora tenuior

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Tribe Mentheae Dumort.
     Subtribe Prunellinae (Dumort.) B.T.Drew & Systma

Prunella L. (1/7)
Prunella vulgaris

Cleonia L. (1/1)
Cleonia lusitanica

Horminum L. (1/1)
Horminum pyrenaicum

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Tribe Mentheae Dumort.
     Subtribe Lycopinae (Dumort.) B.T.Drew & Systma

Lycopus L. (3/14)
Lycopus australis
Lycopus americanus
Lycopus lucidus

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Tribe Mentheae Dumort.
     Subtribe Nepetinae Coss. & Germ.

Agastache J. Clayton ex Gronov. (2/14)
Agastache pallida
Agastache urticifolia

Cedronella Moench (1/1)
Cedronella canariensis

Dracocephalum L. (10/70)
Dracocephalum bullatum
Dracocephalum parviflorum
Dracocephalum moldavica
Dracocephalum ruyschiana
Dracocephalum argunense
Dracocephalum rupestre
Dracocephalum tanguticum
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
Dracocephalum origanoides
Dracocephalum wallichii

Drepanocaryum Pojark. (1/1)
Drepanocaryum sewerzowii

Glechoma L. (2/6)
Glechoma hederacea
Glechoma biondiana

Hymenocrater Fisch. & C.A. Mey (1/3)
Hymenocrater bituminosus

Lallemantia Fisch. & C.A. Mey (1/5)
Lallemantia canescens

Lophanthus Adans. (3/20)
Lophanthus ouroumitanensis
Lophanthus tibeticus
Lophanthus chinensis

Marmoritis Benth. (1/5)
Marmoritis complanatum

Meehania Britton (2/6)
Meehania cordata
Meehania urticifolia

Nepeta L. (25/200)
Nepeta cataria
Nepeta curviflora
Nepeta cyanea
Nepeta densiflora
Nepeta dentata
Nepeta dirphya
Nepeta grandiflora
Nepeta heldreichii
Nepeta hemsleyana
Nepeta hindost
Nepeta hispanica
Nepeta jomdaensis
Nepeta kokamirica
Nepeta kokanica
Nepeta laevigata
Nepeta lamiopsis
Nepeta latifolia
Nepeta nuda
Nepeta racemosa
Nepeta sibthorpii
Nepeta souliei
Nepeta spruneri
Nepeta staintonii
Nepeta stewartiana
Nepeta zandaensis

Heterolamium C.Y. Wu (1/1)
Heterolamium dubile

Schizonepeta (Benth.) Briq. (1/3)
Schizonepeta multifida

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Tribe Ocimeae Dumort.
     Subtribe Lavandulinae Endl.

Lavandula L. (9/36)
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula buchii
Lavandula setifera
Lavandula bipinnata
Lavandula sublepidota 
Lavandula atriplicifolia
Lavandula antineae
Lavandula dentata
Lavandula stoechas

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Tribe Ocimeae Dumort.
     Subtribe Hanceolinae (C.Y. Wu) A.J. Paton, Ryding & Harley

Hanceola Kudô (2/8)
Hanceola sinensis
Hanceola exserta

Isodon (Benth.) Schrader ex Spach (16/100)
Isodon schimperi
Isodon ramosissimus
Isodon oreophilus
Isodon lophanthoides
Isodon glutinosus
Isodon eriocalyx
Isodon shikokianus
Isodon umbrosus
Isodon dawoensis
Isodon japonicus
Isodon adenolomus
Isodon parvifolius
Isodon flexicaulis
Isodon adenanthus
Isodon nervosus
Isodon calycinus

Siphocranion Kudô (1/2)
Siphocranion macranthum

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Tribe Ocimeae Dumort.
     Subtribe Hyptidinae Endlicher

Asterohyptis Epling (1/3)
Asterohyptis mociniana

Eriope Bonpl. ex Benth. (6/40)
Eriope angustifolia
Eriope crassipes
Eriope exaltata
Eriope montana
Eriope stricta
Eriope velutina

Hypenia (Mart. ex. Benth.) Harley (4/23)
Hypenia aristulata
Hypenia marifolia
Hypenia reticulata
Hypenia vitifolia

Hyptidendron Harley (3/19)
Hyptidendron arboreum
Hyptidendron glutinosum
Hyptidendron vepretorum 

Hyptis Jacq. (35/280)
Hyptis althaeifolia
Hyptis asperifolia 
Hyptis atrorubens 
Hyptis bahiensis 
Hyptis brevipes 
Hyptis capitata 
Hyptis carvalhoi 
Hyptis crassifolia 
Hyptis emoryi
Hyptis eximia 
Hyptis fastigiata
Hyptis glomerata 
Hyptis irwinii 
Hyptis leptostachys 
Hyptis leucocephala 
Hyptis macrostachys 
Hyptis marrubioides 
Hyptis martiusii 
Hyptis nivea 
Hyptis nubicola
Hyptis obtecta 
Hyptis passerina 
Hyptis pectinata 
Hyptis platanifolia 
Hyptis plectranthoides 
Hyptis pulegioides
Hyptis recurvata
Hyptis rugosa 
Hyptis sancti-gabrielii 
Hyptis stachydifolia 
Hyptis suaveolens 
Hyptis tafallae 
Hyptis tomentosa 
Hyptis urticoides 
Hyptis virgata

Marypianthes Mart. ex Benth. (1/6)
Marsypianthes chamaedrys

Peltodon Pohl (1/6)
Peltodon rugosus

Rhaphiodon Schauer (1/1)
Rhaphiodon echinus

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Tribe Ocimeae Dumort.
     Subtribe Ociminae (Dumort.) Schmidt in Martius

Basilicum Moench (1/1)
Basilicum polystachyon

Benguellia G. Tayl. (1/1)
Benguellia lanceolata

Catoferia (Benth.) Benth. (1/4)
Catoferia capitata

Endostemon N.E. Br. (3/19)
Endostemon camporus
Endostemon tereticaulis
Endostemon obtusifolius

Fuerstia T.C.E. Fries (1/8)
Fuerstia africana

Haumaniastrum P.A. Duvign. & Plancke (5/40)
Haumaniastrum buettneri
Haumaniastrum robertii 
Haumaniastrum katangense
Haumaniastrum alboviride 
Haumaniastrum uniflorum
Haumaniastrum prealtum

Hoslundia Vahl (1/1)
Hoslundia opposita

Ocimum L. (10/65)
Ocimum basilicum 
Ocimum sanctum
Ocimum tenuiflorum
Ocimum canum
Ocimum jamesii
Ocimum fimbriatum
Ocimum tenuiflorum 
Ocimum labiatum
Ocimum filamentosum
Ocimum serratum

Orthosiphon Benth. (6/40)
Orthosiphon stamineus
Orthosiphon aristatus
Orthosiphon parishii
Orthosiphon labiatus
Orthosiphon allenii
Orthosiphon glandulosus

Syncolostemon (includes Hemizygia) E. Mey. Ex Benth. in E. Mey. (7/45)
Syncolostemon madagascariensis 
Syncolostemon transvaalensis 
Syncolostemon densiflorus
Syncolostemon argenteus
Syncolostemon elliottii
Syncolostemon bracteosus
Syncolostemon teucriifolius

Platostoma P. Beauv. (5/45)
Platostoma africanum
Platostoma rotundifolium
Platostoma hildebrandtii
Platostoma rubrum
Platostoma kerrii

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Tribe Ocimeae Dumort.
     Subtribe Plectranthinae Endlicher

Aeollanthus Mart. ex Spreng. (6/40)
Aeollanthus densiflorus
Aeollanthus buchnerianus
Aeollanthus fruticosus
Aeollanthus pinnatifidus
Aeollanthus suaveolens
Aeollanthus subacaulis

Alvesia Welw. (1/3)
Alvesia rosmarinifolia

Anisochilus Wall. ex. Benth. (4/21)
Anisochilus carnosus
Anisochilus sericeus
Anisochilus pallidus
Anisochilus harmandii

Capitanopsis S. Moore (1/3)
Capitanopsis albida

Dauphinea Hedge (1/1)
Dauphinea brevilabra

Leocus A. Chev. (1/5)
Leocus caillei

Madlabium Hedge (1/1)
Madlabium magenteum

Plectranthus L’Hér. (45/300)
Plectranthus actites
Plectranthus alloplectus
Plectranthus alboviolaceus
Plectranthus ciliatus
Plectranthus crassus
Plectranthus cremnus 
Plectranthus cyanophyllus 
Plectranthus dissitiflorus
Plectranthus diversus 
Plectranthus dumicola 
Plectranthus edulis 
Plectranthus esculentus 
Plectranthus excelsus 
Plectranthus fasciculatus 
Plectranthus foetidus 
Plectranthus fruticosus 
Plectranthus glabriflorus
Plectranthus graniticola 
Plectranthus gratus 
Plectranthus graveolens
Plectranthus habrophyllus 
Plectranthus helferi
Plectranthus laxiflorus
Plectranthus longipes
Plectranthus madagascariensis
Plectranthus megadontus 
Plectranthus minutus 
Plectranthus mirus 
Plectranthus neochilus 
Plectranthus nitidus 
Plectranthus omissus 
Plectranthus petiolaris
Plectranthus parviflorus 
Plectranthus pulchellus 
Plectranthus rotundifolius 
Plectranthus scutellarioides 
Plectranthus socotranus 
Plectranthus spectabilis 
Plectranthus suaveolens 
Plectranthus ternatus
Plectranthus thalassoscopicus
Plectranthus tomentosa
Plectranthus thyrsoideus
Plectranthus unguentarius Codd
Plectranthus xerophilus

Pycnostachys Hook. (6/40)
Pycnostachys umbrosa
Pycnostachys urticifolia
Pycnostachys reticulata
Pycnostachys nepetifolia
Pycnostachys lancifolia
Pycnostachys gracilis

Tetradenia Benth. (3/22)
Tetradenia fruticosa
Tetradenia nervosa
Tetradenia tuberosa

Thorncroftia N.E. br. (1/4)
Thorncroftia longiflora

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Family: Lamiaceae
Incertae Sedis

Acrymia Prain (1/1)
Acrymia ajugiflora

Callicarpa L. (24/140)
Callicarpa americana
Callicarpa ampla
Callicarpa bodinieri
Callicarpa cana
Callicarpa cathayana
Callicarpa dichotoma
Callicarpa elegans
Callicarpa erioclona
Callicarpa formosana
Callicarpa japonica
Callicarpa kwangtungensis
Callicarpa lanata
Callicarpa longifolia
Callicarpa macrophylla
Callicarpa maingayi
Callicarpa mollis
Callicarpa nudiflora
Callicarpa pedunculata
Callicarpa pentandra
Callicarpa reevesii
Callicarpa rubella
Callicarpa shikokiana
Callicarpa tomentosa
Callicarpa tosaensis

Cymaria Benth. (2/2)
Cymaria dichotoma
Cymaria elongata

Garrettia H.R. Fletcher (1/1)
Garrettia siamensis

Holocheila (Kudô) S. Chow (1/1)
Holocheila longipedunculata

Hymenopyramis Wall. ex Griffith (1/1)
Hymenopyramis siamensis

Ombrocharis Hand.-Mazz. (1/1)
Ombrocharis dulcis

Peronema Jack (1/1)
Peronema canescens

Petraeovitex Oliv. (3/8)
Petraeovitex wolfei
Petraeovitex sumatrana
Petraeovitex membranacea

Tectona L.f. (2/4)
Tectona grandis
Tectona philippinensis

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Taxonomic name: 
Tectona (Taxonomic Browser), Lamiaceae (Taxonomic Browser), Ajugoideae (Taxonomic Browser), Lamioideae (Taxonomic Browser), Nepetoideae (Taxonomic Browser), Prostantheroideae (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellarioideae (Taxonomic Browser), Symphorematoideae (Taxonomic Browser), Viticoideae (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia (Taxonomic Browser), Chloantheae (Taxonomic Browser), Westringieae (Taxonomic Browser), Mentheae (Taxonomic Browser), Salviinae (Taxonomic Browser), Menthinae (Taxonomic Browser), Prunellinae (Taxonomic Browser), Nepetinae (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimeae (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandulinae (Taxonomic Browser), Hanceolinae (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptidinae (Taxonomic Browser), Ociminae (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthinae (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga (Taxonomic Browser), Basilicum (Taxonomic Browser), Congea (Taxonomic Browser), Sphenodesme (Taxonomic Browser), Symphorema (Taxonomic Browser), Cornutia (Taxonomic Browser), Gmelina (Taxonomic Browser), Paravitex (Taxonomic Browser), Petitia (Taxonomic Browser), Premna (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudocarpidium (Taxonomic Browser), Teijsmanniodendron (Taxonomic Browser), Tsoongia (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex (Taxonomic Browser), Viticipremna (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila (Taxonomic Browser), Amasonia (Taxonomic Browser), Amethystea (Taxonomic Browser), Caryopteris (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum (Taxonomic Browser), Discretitheca (Taxonomic Browser), Faradaya (Taxonomic Browser), Glossocarya (Taxonomic Browser), Hosea (Taxonomic Browser), Huxleya (Taxonomic Browser), Karomia (Taxonomic Browser), Monochilus (Taxonomic Browser), Oncinocalyx (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudocaryopteris (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca (Taxonomic Browser), Rubiteucris (Taxonomic Browser), Schnabelia (Taxonomic Browser), Spartothamnella (Taxonomic Browser), Teucridium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium (Taxonomic Browser), Trichostema (Taxonomic Browser), Tripora (Taxonomic Browser), Brachysola (Taxonomic Browser), Chloanthes (Taxonomic Browser), Cyanostegia (Taxonomic Browser), Dicrastylis (Taxonomic Browser), Hemiphora (Taxonomic Browser), Lachnostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Mallophora (Taxonomic Browser), Newcastelia (Taxonomic Browser), Physopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia (Taxonomic Browser), Hemiandra (Taxonomic Browser), Microcorys (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia (Taxonomic Browser), Wrixonia (Taxonomic Browser), Holmskioldia (Taxonomic Browser), Renschia (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria (Taxonomic Browser), Tinnea (Taxonomic Browser), Wenchengia (Taxonomic Browser), Achyrospermum (Taxonomic Browser), Acrotome (Taxonomic Browser), Ajugoides (Taxonomic Browser), Alajja (Taxonomic Browser), Anisomeles (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota (Taxonomic Browser), Bostrychanthera (Taxonomic Browser), Brazoria (Taxonomic Browser), Chaiturus (Taxonomic Browser), Chamaesphacos (Taxonomic Browser), Chelonopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Colebrookea (Taxonomic Browser), Colquhounia (Taxonomic Browser), Comanthosphace (Taxonomic Browser), Craniotome (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Eriophyton (Taxonomic Browser), Eurysolen (Taxonomic Browser), Galeopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma (Taxonomic Browser), Haplostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Hypogomphia (Taxonomic Browser), Isoleucas (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus (Taxonomic Browser), Lagopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Lamiophlomis (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium (Taxonomic Browser), Leonotis (Taxonomic Browser), Leonurus (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas (Taxonomic Browser), Leucosceptrum (Taxonomic Browser), Loxocalyx (Taxonomic Browser), Macbridea (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium (Taxonomic Browser), Matsumurella (Taxonomic Browser), Melittis (Taxonomic Browser), Metastachydium (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena (Taxonomic Browser), Moluccella (Taxonomic Browser), Notochaete (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia (Taxonomic Browser), Panzerina (Taxonomic Browser), Paralamium (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomidoschema (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia (Taxonomic Browser), Physostegia (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon (Taxonomic Browser), Prasium (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudomarrubium (Taxonomic Browser), Rostrinucula (Taxonomic Browser), Roylea (Taxonomic Browser), Rydingia (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachyopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys (Taxonomic Browser), Stenogyne (Taxonomic Browser), Sulaimania (Taxonomic Browser), Suzukia (Taxonomic Browser), Synandra (Taxonomic Browser), Thuspeinanta (Taxonomic Browser), Warnockia (Taxonomic Browser), Collinsonia (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia (Taxonomic Browser), Mosla (Taxonomic Browser), Perilla (Taxonomic Browser), Perillula (Taxonomic Browser), Lepechinia (Taxonomic Browser), Neoeplingia (Taxonomic Browser), Chaunostoma (Taxonomic Browser), Melissa (Taxonomic Browser), Meriandra (Taxonomic Browser), Perovskia (Taxonomic Browser), Rosmarinus (Taxonomic Browser), Zhumeria (Taxonomic Browser), Acanthomintha (Taxonomic Browser), Blephilia (Taxonomic Browser), Bystropogon (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium (Taxonomic Browser), Conradina (Taxonomic Browser), Cuminia (Taxonomic Browser), Cunila (Taxonomic Browser), Cyclotrichium (Taxonomic Browser), Dicerandra (Taxonomic Browser), Eriothymus (Taxonomic Browser), Glechon (Taxonomic Browser), Gontscharovia (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma (Taxonomic Browser), Hesperozygis (Taxonomic Browser), Rhododon (Taxonomic Browser), Hoehnea (Taxonomic Browser), Hyssopus (Taxonomic Browser), Killickia (Taxonomic Browser), Kurzamra (Taxonomic Browser), Lycopus (Taxonomic Browser), Horminum (Taxonomic Browser), Cleonia (Taxonomic Browser), Mentha (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria (Taxonomic Browser), Minthostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Monarda (Taxonomic Browser), Monardella (Taxonomic Browser), Obtegomeria (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum (Taxonomic Browser), Pentapleura (Taxonomic Browser), Piloblephis (Taxonomic Browser), Pogogyne (Taxonomic Browser), Poliomintha (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnanthemum (Taxonomic Browser), Rhabdocaulon (Taxonomic Browser), Saccocalyx (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja (Taxonomic Browser), Thymbra (Taxonomic Browser), Stachydeoma (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus (Taxonomic Browser), Zataria (Taxonomic Browser), Ziziphora (Taxonomic Browser), Prunella (Taxonomic Browser), Lycopinae (Taxonomic Browser), Agastache (Taxonomic Browser), Cedronella (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum (Taxonomic Browser), Drepanocaryum (Taxonomic Browser), Glechoma (Taxonomic Browser), Hymenocrater (Taxonomic Browser), Lallemantia (Taxonomic Browser), Lophanthus (Taxonomic Browser), Marmoritis (Taxonomic Browser), Meehania (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta (Taxonomic Browser), Heterolamium (Taxonomic Browser), Schizonepeta (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula (Taxonomic Browser), Hanceola (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon (Taxonomic Browser), Siphocranion (Taxonomic Browser), Asterohyptis (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope (Taxonomic Browser), Hypenia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptidendron (Taxonomic Browser), Marsypianthes (Taxonomic Browser), Peltodon (Taxonomic Browser), Rhaphiodon (Taxonomic Browser), Benguellia (Taxonomic Browser), Catoferia (Taxonomic Browser), Endostemon (Taxonomic Browser), Fuerstia (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum (Taxonomic Browser), Hoslundia (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum (Taxonomic Browser), Orthosiphon (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus (Taxonomic Browser), Alvesia (Taxonomic Browser), Anisochilus (Taxonomic Browser), Capitanopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Dauphinea (Taxonomic Browser), Leocus (Taxonomic Browser), Madlabium (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Tetradenia (Taxonomic Browser), Thorncroftia (Taxonomic Browser), Acrymia (Taxonomic Browser), Cymaria (Taxonomic Browser), Garrettia (Taxonomic Browser), Holocheila (Taxonomic Browser), Hymenopyramis (Taxonomic Browser), Ombrocharis (Taxonomic Browser), Peronema (Taxonomic Browser), Petraeovitex (Taxonomic Browser), Acanthomintha ilicifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Acanthomintha lanceolata (Taxonomic Browser), Achyrospermum cryptanthum (Taxonomic Browser), Achyrospermum fruticosum (Taxonomic Browser), Achyrospermum parviflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Achyrospermum schimperi (Taxonomic Browser), Acrotome pallescens (Taxonomic Browser), Acrymia ajugiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila alba (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila anomala (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila boliviana (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila brachiata (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila capitata (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila caymanensis (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila cephalophora (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila cordata (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila costaricensis (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila elata (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila longifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila martinicensis (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila mediterranea (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila multiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila panamensis (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila sellowiana (Taxonomic Browser), Aegiphila volubilis (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus buchnerianus (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus densiflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus fruticosus (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus pinnatifidus (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus suaveolens (Taxonomic Browser), Aeollanthus subacaulis (Taxonomic Browser), Agastache pallida (Taxonomic Browser), Agastache urticifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga japonica (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga lobata (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga oocephala (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga reptans (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga salicifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Ajuga yesoensis (Taxonomic Browser), Ajugoides humilis (Taxonomic Browser), Alajja rhomboidea (Taxonomic Browser), Alvesia rosmarinifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Amasonia angustifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Amasonia hirta (Taxonomic Browser), Amethystea caerulea (Taxonomic Browser), Anisochilus carnosus (Taxonomic Browser), Anisochilus harmandii (Taxonomic Browser), Anisochilus pallidus (Taxonomic Browser), Anisochilus sericeus (Taxonomic Browser), Anisomeles indica (Taxonomic Browser), Asterohyptis mociniana (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota aucheri (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota frutescens (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota integrifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota nigra (Taxonomic Browser), Ballota undulata (Taxonomic Browser), Basilicum polystachyon (Taxonomic Browser), Benguellia lanceolata (Taxonomic Browser), Blephilia ciliata (Taxonomic Browser), Bostrychanthera deflexa (Taxonomic Browser), Brachysola coerulea (Taxonomic Browser), Brazoria arenaria (Taxonomic Browser), Bystropogon origanifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa americana (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa ampla (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa bodinieri (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa cathayana (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa dichotoma (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa elegans (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa erioclona (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa formosana (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa japonica (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa kwangtungensis (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa longifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa macrophylla (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa maingayi (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa mollis (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa nudiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa pedunculata (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa pentandra (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa rubella (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa shikokiana (Taxonomic Browser), Callicarpa tomentosa (Taxonomic Browser), Capitanopsis albida (Taxonomic Browser), Caryopteris incana (Taxonomic Browser), Catoferia capitata (Taxonomic Browser), Cedronella canariensis (Taxonomic Browser), Chaiturus marrubiastrum (Taxonomic Browser), Chamaesphacos ilicifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Chelonopsis moschata (Taxonomic Browser), Chelonopsis rosea (Taxonomic Browser), Chelonopsis yagiharana (Taxonomic Browser), Chloanthes glandulosa (Taxonomic Browser), Cleonia lusitanica (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum acerbianum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum aculeatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum aggregatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum buchananii (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum buchneri (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum bungei (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum canescens (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum capitatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum chinense (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum costaricense (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum cyrtophyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum emirnense (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum eriophyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum floribundum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum fortunatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum glabrum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum hildebrandtii (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum humbertii (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum indicum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum inerme (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum japonicum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum laevifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum ligustrinum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum lindleyi (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum longiflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum mandarinorum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum minahassae (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum paniculatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum pittieri (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum poggei (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum polycephalum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum quadriloculare (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum schweinfurthii (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum speciosissimum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum spinosum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum splendens (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum thomsoniae (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum trichotomum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum umbellatum (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum volubile (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum wallichii (Taxonomic Browser), Clerodendrum yunnanense (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium abyssinicum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium alpinum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium ashei (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium brownei (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium chandleri (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium chilense (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium chinense (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium hintoniorum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium macrostemum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium mexicanum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium nanum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium nubigenum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium piperitum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium polycephalum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium robustum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium sericeum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium simense (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium tomentosum (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium uhligii (Taxonomic Browser), Clinopodium vulgare (Taxonomic Browser), Colebrookea oppositifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Collinsonia canadensis (Taxonomic Browser), Collinsonia verticillata (Taxonomic Browser), Colquhounia elegans (Taxonomic Browser), Comanthosphace formosana (Taxonomic Browser), Comanthosphace japonica (Taxonomic Browser), Congea griffithiana (Taxonomic Browser), Congea tomentosa (Taxonomic Browser), Conradina grandiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Cornutia pyramidata (Taxonomic Browser), Craniotome furcata (Taxonomic Browser), Cuminia eriantha (Taxonomic Browser), Cunila incana (Taxonomic Browser), Cunila microcephala (Taxonomic Browser), Cunila origanoides (Taxonomic Browser), Cunila pycnantha (Taxonomic Browser), Cyanostegia lanceolata (Taxonomic Browser), Cymaria dichotoma (Taxonomic Browser), Cymaria elongata (Taxonomic Browser), Dauphinea brevilabra (Taxonomic Browser), Dicerandra christmanii (Taxonomic Browser), Dicrastylis archeri (Taxonomic Browser), Dicrastylis corymbosa (Taxonomic Browser), Dicrastylis flexuosa (Taxonomic Browser), Dicrastylis incana (Taxonomic Browser), Discretitheca nepalensis (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum argunense (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum bullatum (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum grandiflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum moldavica (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum origanoides (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum parviflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum rupestre (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum ruyschiana (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum tanguticum (Taxonomic Browser), Dracocephalum wallichii (Taxonomic Browser), Drepanocaryum sewerzowii (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia ciliata (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia penduliflora (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia rugulosa (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia stachyodes (Taxonomic Browser), Elsholtzia stauntonii (Taxonomic Browser), Endostemon camporus (Taxonomic Browser), Endostemon obtusifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Endostemon tereticaulis (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys arctiifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys boissieriana (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys fetisovii (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys glabra (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys speciosa (Taxonomic Browser), Eremostachys tournefortii (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope angustifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope crassipes (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope exaltata (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope montana (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope stricta (Taxonomic Browser), Eriope velutina (Taxonomic Browser), Eriophyton wallichii (Taxonomic Browser), Eurysolen gracilis (Taxonomic Browser), Faradaya splendida (Taxonomic Browser), Fuerstia africana (Taxonomic Browser), Galeopsis bifida (Taxonomic Browser), Galeopsis tetrahit (Taxonomic Browser), Garrettia siamensis (Taxonomic Browser), Glechoma biondiana (Taxonomic Browser), Glechoma hederacea (Taxonomic Browser), Glechon marifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Glossocarya calcicola (Taxonomic Browser), Glossocarya scandens (Taxonomic Browser), Gmelina arborea (Taxonomic Browser), Gmelina evoluta (Taxonomic Browser), Gmelina fasciculiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Gmelina philippensis (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma arbusculum (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma chinense (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma crinitum (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma javanicum (Taxonomic Browser), Gomphostemma wallichii (Taxonomic Browser), Gontscharovia popovii (Taxonomic Browser), Hanceola exserta (Taxonomic Browser), Hanceola sinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Haplostachys haplostachya (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum alboviride (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum buettneri (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum katangense (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum prealtum (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum robertii (Taxonomic Browser), Haumaniastrum uniflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma costata (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma crenata (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma hispida (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma hyssopifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma mandoniana (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma matomiana (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma media (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma piperita (Taxonomic Browser), Hedeoma pulegioides (Taxonomic Browser), Hemiandra gardneri (Taxonomic Browser), Hemiandra pungens (Taxonomic Browser), Hemiandra rutilans (Taxonomic Browser), Hesperozygis rhododon (Taxonomic Browser), Holmskioldia sanguinea (Taxonomic Browser), Holocheila longipedunculata (Taxonomic Browser), Horminum pyrenaicum (Taxonomic Browser), Hosea lobbii (Taxonomic Browser), Hoslundia opposita (Taxonomic Browser), Hymenocrater bituminosus (Taxonomic Browser), Hymenopyramis siamensis (Taxonomic Browser), Hypenia aristulata (Taxonomic Browser), Hypenia marifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hypenia reticulata (Taxonomic Browser), Hypenia vitifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hypogomphia bucharica (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptidendron arboreum (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptidendron glutinosum (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptidendron vepretorum (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis althaeifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis asperifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis atrorubens (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis bahiensis (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis brevipes (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis capitata (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis carvalhoi (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis crassifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis emoryi (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis eximia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis glomerata (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis irwinii (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis leptostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis leucocephala (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis macrostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis marrubioides (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis martiusii (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis mutabilis (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis nivea (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis nubicola (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis obtecta (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis passerina (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis pectinata (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis platanifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis plectranthoides (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis pulegioides (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis recurvata (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis rugosa (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis sancti-gabrielii (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis stachydifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis suaveolens (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis tafallae (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis tomentosa (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis urticoides (Taxonomic Browser), Hyptis virgata (Taxonomic Browser), Hyssopus officinalis (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon adenanthus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon adenolomus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon calycinus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon dawoensis (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon eriocalyx (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon flexicaulis (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon glutinosus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon japonicus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon lophanthoides (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon nervosus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon oreophilus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon parvifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon ramosissimus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon schimperi (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon shikokianus (Taxonomic Browser), Isodon umbrosus (Taxonomic Browser), Isoleucas arabica (Taxonomic Browser), Karomia fragrans (Taxonomic Browser), Karomia speciosa (Taxonomic Browser), Killickia grandiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Kurzamra pulchella (Taxonomic Browser), Lachnostachys eriobotrya (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus cabulicus (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus hirtus (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus ilicifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus inebrians (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus occultiflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Lagochilus xianjiangensis (Taxonomic Browser), Lagopsis eriostachya (Taxonomic Browser), Lagopsis marrubiastrum (Taxonomic Browser), Lagopsis supina (Taxonomic Browser), Lallemantia canescens (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium album (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium bifidum (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium chinense (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium galeobdolon (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium multifidum (Taxonomic Browser), Lamium purpureum (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula angustifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula antineae (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula atriplicifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula bipinnata (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula buchii (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula dentata (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula setifera (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula stoechas (Taxonomic Browser), Lavandula sublepidota (Taxonomic Browser), Leonotis leonurus (Taxonomic Browser), Leonotis myricifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leonotis nepetifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leonotis ocymifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leonurus glaucescens (Taxonomic Browser), Leonurus macranthus (Taxonomic Browser), Leonurus quinquelobatus (Taxonomic Browser), Leonurus sibiricus (Taxonomic Browser), Lepechinia floribunda (Taxonomic Browser), Lepechinia mexicana (Taxonomic Browser), Lepechinia radula (Taxonomic Browser), Lepechinia schiedeana (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas aspera (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas bakeri (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas capensis (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas deflexa (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas flagellifera (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas glabrata (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas inflata (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas lanata (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas lavandulifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas martinicensis (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas minimifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas sexdentata (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas stachydiformis (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas urticifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Leucas zeylanica (Taxonomic Browser), Leucosceptrum canum (Taxonomic Browser), Lophanthus chinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Lophanthus ouroumitanensis (Taxonomic Browser), Lophanthus tibeticus (Taxonomic Browser), Loxocalyx quinquenervius (Taxonomic Browser), Lycopus americanus (Taxonomic Browser), Lycopus australis (Taxonomic Browser), Lycopus lucidus (Taxonomic Browser), Macbridea alba (Taxonomic Browser), Madlabium magenteum (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium alysson (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium leonuroides (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium peregrinum (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium thessalum (Taxonomic Browser), Marrubium vulgare (Taxonomic Browser), Marsypianthes chamaedrys (Taxonomic Browser), Matsumurella tuberifera (Taxonomic Browser), Meehania cordata (Taxonomic Browser), Meehania urticifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Melissa officinalis (Taxonomic Browser), Melittis melissophyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Mentha arvensis (Taxonomic Browser), Mentha australis (Taxonomic Browser), Mentha spicata (Taxonomic Browser), Metastachydium sagittatum (Taxonomic Browser), Microcorys barbata (Taxonomic Browser), Microcorys exserta (Taxonomic Browser), Microcorys longiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Microcorys virgata (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria flagellaris (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria fontanesii (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria imbricata (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria juliana (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria lanata (Taxonomic Browser), Micromeria madagascariensis (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena affinis (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena delavayi (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena longisepala (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena patchoulii (Taxonomic Browser), Microtoena urticifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Minthostachys mollis (Taxonomic Browser), Minthostachys verticillata (Taxonomic Browser), Moluccella aucheri (Taxonomic Browser), Moluccella laevis (Taxonomic Browser), Moluccella spinosa (Taxonomic Browser), Monarda citriodora (Taxonomic Browser), Monarda didyma (Taxonomic Browser), Monarda fistulosa (Taxonomic Browser), Monardella arizonica (Taxonomic Browser), Monardella hypoleuca (Taxonomic Browser), Monardella nana (Taxonomic Browser), Monardella odoratissima (Taxonomic Browser), Monochilus gloxinifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Mosla chinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Mosla dianthera (Taxonomic Browser), Mosla scabra (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta cataria (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta curviflora (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta cyanea (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta densiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta dentata (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta grandiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta hemsleyana (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta hispanica (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta jomdaensis (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta kokamirica (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta kokanica (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta laevigata (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta lamiopsis (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta latifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta multifida (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta nuda (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta racemosa (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta souliei (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta spruneri (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta staintonii (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta stewartiana (Taxonomic Browser), Nepeta zandaensis (Taxonomic Browser), Newcastelia bracteosa (Taxonomic Browser), Newcastelia elliptica (Taxonomic Browser), Notochaete longiaristata (Taxonomic Browser), Obtegomeria caerulescens (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum basilicum (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum filamentosum (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum fimbriatum (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum jamesii (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum labiatum (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum serratum (Taxonomic Browser), Ocimum tenuiflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Ombrocharis dulcis (Taxonomic Browser), Oncinocalyx betchei (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum dictamnus (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum majorana (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum microphyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum rotundifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum syriacum (Taxonomic Browser), Origanum vulgare (Taxonomic Browser), Orthosiphon allenii (Taxonomic Browser), Orthosiphon aristatus (Taxonomic Browser), Orthosiphon glandulosus (Taxonomic Browser), Orthosiphon parishii (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia bucharica (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia erlangeri (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia modesta (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia olgae (Taxonomic Browser), Otostegia sogdiana (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera coriacea (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera glandulosa (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera pulchella (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera rugosa (Taxonomic Browser), Oxera sessilifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Panzerina canescens (Taxonomic Browser), Panzerina lanata (Taxonomic Browser), Paralamium griffithii (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis hirsutissima (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis hispida (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis javanica (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis parviflora (Taxonomic Browser), Paraphlomis shunchangensis (Taxonomic Browser), Paravitex siamica (Taxonomic Browser), Peltodon rugosus (Taxonomic Browser), Pentapleura subulifera (Taxonomic Browser), Perilla frutescens (Taxonomic Browser), Perillula reptans (Taxonomic Browser), Peronema canescens (Taxonomic Browser), Perovskia atriplicifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Petitia domingensis (Taxonomic Browser), Petraeovitex membranacea (Taxonomic Browser), Petraeovitex sumatrana (Taxonomic Browser), Petraeovitex wolfei (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomidoschema parviflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis bruguieri (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis fruticosa (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis lanata (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis oppositiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis purpurea (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis rigida (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis rotata (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis sewerzowii (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis stewartii (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis tomentosa (Taxonomic Browser), Phlomis viscosa (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia variabilis (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia velutina (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia vestita (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia waimeae (Taxonomic Browser), Phyllostegia wawrana (Taxonomic Browser), Physopsis spicata (Taxonomic Browser), Physostegia angustifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Piloblephis rigida (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia atriplicina (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia cuneata (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia pungens (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia quadrangulata (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia scabra (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia teckiana (Taxonomic Browser), Pityrodia terminalis (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma africanum (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus actites (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus alboviolaceus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus alloplectus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus ciliatus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus crassus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus cremnus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus cyanophyllus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus dissitiflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus diversus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus dumicola (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus edulis (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus esculentus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus excelsus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus fasciculatus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus foetidus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus fruticosus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus glabriflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus graniticola (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus gratus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus graveolens (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus habrophyllus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus helferi (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus laxiflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus longipes (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus madagascariensis (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus megadontus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus minutus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus mirus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus neochilus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus nitidus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus omissus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus parviflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus petiolaris (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus pulchellus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus rotundifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus scutellarioides (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus socotranus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus spectabilis (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus suaveolens (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus thalassoscopicus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus thyrsoideus (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus unguentarius (Taxonomic Browser), Plectranthus xerophilus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogogyne douglasii (Taxonomic Browser), Pogogyne floribunda (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon aquaticus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon benghalensis (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon erectus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon heyneanus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon hirsutus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon paniculatus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon quadrifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon stellatus (Taxonomic Browser), Pogostemon xanthiifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Poliomintha conjunctrix (Taxonomic Browser), Poliomintha glabrescens (Taxonomic Browser), Poliomintha incana (Taxonomic Browser), Poliomintha longiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Prasium majus (Taxonomic Browser), Premna angolensis (Taxonomic Browser), Premna barbata (Taxonomic Browser), Premna cordifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Premna corymbosa (Taxonomic Browser), Premna herbacea (Taxonomic Browser), Premna microphylla (Taxonomic Browser), Premna odorata (Taxonomic Browser), Premna puberula (Taxonomic Browser), Premna punctulata (Taxonomic Browser), Premna rabakensis (Taxonomic Browser), Premna resinosa (Taxonomic Browser), Premna serrata (Taxonomic Browser), Premna siamensis (Taxonomic Browser), Premna trichostoma (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera albiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera caerulea (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera calycina (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera chlorantha (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera cruciflora (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera incana (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera incisa (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera lanceolata (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera lasianthos (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera linearis (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera parvifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera petraea (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera rotundifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera sericea (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera spinosa (Taxonomic Browser), Prostanthera walteri (Taxonomic Browser), Prunella vulgaris (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudocarpidium domingense (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudocarpidium wrightii (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudocaryopteris paniculata (Taxonomic Browser), Pseudomarrubium eremostachydioides (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnanthemum californicum (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnanthemum floridanum (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnanthemum incanum (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys gracilis (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys lancifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys nepetifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys reticulata (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys umbrosa (Taxonomic Browser), Pycnostachys urticifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Renschia heterotypica (Taxonomic Browser), Rhabdocaulon erythrostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Rhabdocaulon strictum (Taxonomic Browser), Rhaphiodon echinus (Taxonomic Browser), Rhododon ciliatus (Taxonomic Browser), Rosmarinus officinalis (Taxonomic Browser), Rostrinucula dependens (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca aurantiaca (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca hirsuta (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca myricoides (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca pilosa (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca rupicola (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca serrata (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca violacea (Taxonomic Browser), Rotheca wildii (Taxonomic Browser), Roylea cinerea (Taxonomic Browser), Rubiteucris palmata (Taxonomic Browser), Rydingia integrifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Saccocalyx saturejoides (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia aspera (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia austriaca (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia axillaris (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia azurea (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia baimaensis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia blepharophylla (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia bowleyana (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia brachyantha (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia brachyloma (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia bucharica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia cabulica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia cacaliifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia cadmica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia canariensis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia candelabrum (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia candidissima (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia carnea (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia castanea (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia cedrosensis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia chienii (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia chinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia columbariae (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia cynica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia dabieshanensis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia deserta (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia digitaloides (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia divinorum (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia elegans (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia erythrostoma (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia evansiana (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia farinacea (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia flava (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia fruticulosa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia fulgens (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia gravida (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia greatae (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia greggii (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia grewiifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia hispanica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia japonica (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia mellifera (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia patens (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia polystachya (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia prunelloides (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia pubescens (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia regla (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia retinervia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia rusbyi (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia rypara (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia sagittata (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia scutellarioides (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia semiatrata (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia sessei (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia splendens (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia stachydifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia staminea (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia subincisa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia summa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia taraxacifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia texana (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia thymoides (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia tortuosa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia tricuspidata (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia tubifera (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia uliginosa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia verbascifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia verbenaca (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia verticillata (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia viridis (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia viscosa (Taxonomic Browser), Salvia whitehousei (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja intermedia (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja linearifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja montana (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja pallaryi (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja thymbra (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja thymbrifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Satureja xalapensis (Taxonomic Browser), Schnabelia tetradonta (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis antiatlantica (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis clandestina (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis cystosiphon (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis dasygnaphala (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis glauca (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis gomerae (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis gossypina (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis hyssopifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis leucantha (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis macrostachys (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis montana (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis nutans (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis perfoliata (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis romana (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis scardica (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis soluta (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis syriaca (Taxonomic Browser), Sideritis tragoriganum (Taxonomic Browser), Siphocranion macranthum (Taxonomic Browser), Spartothamnella juncea (Taxonomic Browser), Sphenodesme amethystina (Taxonomic Browser), Sphenodesme eryciboides (Taxonomic Browser), Sphenodesme mollis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachydeoma graveolens (Taxonomic Browser), Stachyopsis maleolens (Taxonomic Browser), Stachyopsis oblongata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys aculeolata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys aethiopica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys affinis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys agraria (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys albens (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys albotomentosa (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys alpigena (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys alpina (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys arabica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys argillicola (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys arvensis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys aspera (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys bigelovii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys boraginoides (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys bullata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys burchelliana (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys byzantina (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys chamissonis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys chrysantha (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys coccinea (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys cretica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys debilis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys drummondii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys eriantha (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys floridana (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys geobombycis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys glutinosa (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys grandidentata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys hyssopoides (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys inflata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys langmaniae (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys lavandulifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys lindenii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys maritima (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys nepetifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys nephrophylla (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys pacifica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys pilosa (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys pilosissima (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys radicans (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys recta (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys reticulata (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys rigida (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys rivularis (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys rothrockii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys schtschegleevii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys subaphylla (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys swainsonii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys sylvatica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys tenuifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys torresii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys tournefortii (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys turcomanica (Taxonomic Browser), Stachys vulnerabilis (Taxonomic Browser), Stenogyne bifida (Taxonomic Browser), Stenogyne microphylla (Taxonomic Browser), Stenogyne scrophularioides (Taxonomic Browser), Sulaimania otostegioides (Taxonomic Browser), Suzukia luchuensis (Taxonomic Browser), Symphorema involucratum (Taxonomic Browser), Symphorema polyandrum (Taxonomic Browser), Synandra hispidula (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon argenteus (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon bracteosus (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon densiflorus (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon elliottii (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon madagascariensis (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon teucriifolius (Taxonomic Browser), Syncolostemon transvaalensis (Taxonomic Browser), Tectona grandis (Taxonomic Browser), Tectona philippinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Teijsmanniodendron bogoriense (Taxonomic Browser), Teijsmanniodendron pteropodum (Taxonomic Browser), Teijsmanniodendron simplicifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Tetradenia fruticosa (Taxonomic Browser), Tetradenia nervosa (Taxonomic Browser), Tetradenia tuberosa (Taxonomic Browser), Teucridium parvifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium aureum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium capitatum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium eriocephalum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium francoi (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium fruticans (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium heterophyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium hircanicum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium intricatum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium japonicum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium jolyi (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium kotschyanum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium lamiifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium lucidum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium marum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium massiliense (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium microphyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium montanum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium oxylepis (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium polium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium pseudochamaepitys (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium quadrifarium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium racemosum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium resupinatum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium royleanum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium scordium (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium scorodonia (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium sessiliflorum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium trifidum (Taxonomic Browser), Teucrium viscidum (Taxonomic Browser), Thorncroftia longiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Thuspeinanta brahuica (Taxonomic Browser), Thuspeinanta persica (Taxonomic Browser), Thymbra capitata (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus algeriensis (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus broussonetii (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus caespititius (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus callieri (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus cappadocicus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus comptus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus daenensis (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus eriocalyx (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus funkii (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus gobicus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus haussknechtii (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus hyemalis (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus kotschyanus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus lanceolatus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus mastichina (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus munbyanus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus origanoides (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus praecox (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus pulegioides (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus quinquecostatus (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus serpyllum (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus vulgaris (Taxonomic Browser), Thymus willdenowii (Taxonomic Browser), Tinnea aethiopica (Taxonomic Browser), Tinnea barbata (Taxonomic Browser), Tinnea vesiculosa (Taxonomic Browser), Trichostema dichotomum (Taxonomic Browser), Trichostema lanatum (Taxonomic Browser), Trichostema lanceolatum (Taxonomic Browser), Tripora divaricata (Taxonomic Browser), Tsoongia axillariflora (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex agnus-castus (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex altissima (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex burmensis (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex cofassus (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex divaricata (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex doniana (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex gaumeri (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex glabrata (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex keniensis (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex limonifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex lokundjensis (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex lucens (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex megapotamica (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex negundo (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex obovata (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex parviflora (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex pierrei (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex pinnata (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex rehmannii (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex siamica (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex trifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex tripinnata (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex vestita (Taxonomic Browser), Vitex zeyheri (Taxonomic Browser), Viticipremna philippinensis (Taxonomic Browser), Viticipremna queenslandica (Taxonomic Browser), Warnockia scutellarioides (Taxonomic Browser), Wenchengia alternifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia brevifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia crassifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia longifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia rigida (Taxonomic Browser), Westringia rupicola (Taxonomic Browser), Wrixonia prostantheroides (Taxonomic Browser), Zataria multiflora (Taxonomic Browser), Zhumeria majdae (Taxonomic Browser), Ziziphora capitata (Taxonomic Browser), Ziziphora clinopodioides (Taxonomic Browser), Ziziphora hispanica (Taxonomic Browser), Ziziphora tenuior (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria adsurgens (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria albida (Taxonomic Browser), Genera Incertae Sedis (Taxonomic Browser), Physostegia virginiana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria altissima (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma hildebrandtii (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma kerrii (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria anomala (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma rotundifolium (Taxonomic Browser), Platostoma rubrum (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria bolanderi (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria brevibracteata (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria caerulea (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria coccinea (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria columnae (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria cristata (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria cypria (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria discolor (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria eplingii (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria floridana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria galericulata (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria glabriuscula (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria heterophylla (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria incana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria integrifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria laevis (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria leucantha (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria lindbergii (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria longifolia (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria mexicana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria minor (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria multicaulis (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria nana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria oaxacana (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria orientalis (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria ovata (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria parvula (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria pinnatifida (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria schweinfurthii (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria tuberosa (Taxonomic Browser), Scutellaria woodii (Taxonomic Browser)
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