Phylogeny in Labiatae sl, inferred from cpDNA sequences

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:S. J. WAGSTAFF, Hickerson, L., Spangler, R., Reeves, P. A., OLMSTEAD, R. G.
Journal:Plant Systematics and Evolution
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Asteridae, Cladistics, Classification, Cpdna, Labiatae, Lamiaceae, Ndhf, Parsimony Analysis, Phylogeny, Rbcl

Sequences of rbcL and ndhF were analysed independently and in combination to resolve phylogenetic relationships in Labiatae s. 1. Monophyly of Labiatae s. 1 was supported by all three analyses. Congea tomentosa (Symphoremataceae) is nested within Labiatae s. 1. in the rbcL analysis, but emerges as the sister group of Labiatae s. 1. in the ndhF and combined analyses. Four noteworthy clades of Labiate s. 1. also are supported by all analyses corresponding to subfamilies Nepetoideae, Lamioideae, Pogostemonoideae and Scutellarioideae. Monophyly of subfamilies Chloanthoideae and Viticoideae is not supported. A clade comprising Teucrioideae plus Ajuga is supported by ndhF and the combined analysis.

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