Phylogenetic relationships between some members of the subfamily Lamioideae (family Labiatae) inferred from nucleotide sequences of the rbcL gene

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:N. Wink, Kaufmann M.
Journal:Bot Acta
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Asteridae, Labiatae, Lamioideae, Molecular phylogeny, Nucleotide Sequences, Plants, Pollen Morphology, Rbcl, Trees

Total DNA was extracted from 25 species (8 general of the subfamily Lamioideae sensu Erdtman (family Labiatae). Using rbcl-specific primers, the rbcL gene was amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and 1420 bp were sequenced directly, or after cloning. RbcL sequences were evaluated with character-state (maximum parsimony; PAUP) and distance methods (neighbour-joining; MEGA). In agreement with classical systematics all taxa studied cluster outside the Nepetoideae. The following clades are apparent: I - Westringia/Prostanthera, II - Ajuga/Teucrium and III - Scutellaria, Stachys, Lamium and Marrubium. Lamium album, L. amplexicaule and L. garganicum appear as a sister clade to Marrubium. Both share a common ancestor with a second Lamium clade (including L. purpureum, L. maculatum and L. galeobdolon). The phylogenetic relationships are discussed with regard to the systematic classification of the subfamilies Lamioideae and Nepetoideae (sensu Erdtman).

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