Pericarp structure and phylogeny of tribe Mentheae (Lamiaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:O. Ryding
Journal:Plant Syst Evol
Date Published:Mar

Pericarp structure is investigated in 143 speci- mens belonging to 59 out of ca. 65 genera and 134 out of ca. 2,000 species of Lamiaceae subfamily Nepetoideae tribe Mentheae. Some of the data presented by earlier authors are believed to be incorrect. The variation in pericarp structure has been found to be strongly correlated to the variations in DNA and gross morphological characters. The groups of two-sta- minate genera (Salvia, etc.) and four-staminate genera of Salviinae (Lepechinia and Chaunostoma) can be distin- guished from each other and from other labiates by differences in pericarp structure. The other two subtribes, Menthinae and Nepetinae, differ considerably, but their variations strongly overlap. The differences in pericarp structure also suggest that Menthinae can be divided into three main monophyletic groups based on other data: (1) the main bulk of the tribe, (2) a group of Prunella and Cleonia and perhaps also Horminum, and (3) the characteristic genus Lycopus. Pericarp data dis- agree with a suggestion that the genus Melissa should be included in the subtribe Salviinae. Modifications of the sub- tribal classification of Mentheae are discussed.

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