New names in Plectranthus (Lamiaceae) and allied genera from the Ethiopian region

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:J. K. Morton
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Nepetoideae, Ocimeae

The following new combinations are made: Plectranthus burorum (Chiovenda) J. K. Morton based on Coleus burorum Chiovenda, P. garckeanus (Vatke) J. K. Morton based on C. garckeanus Vatke, P. gandicalyx (E. A. Bruce) J. K. Morton based on C. grandicalyx E. A. Bruce, P. kapatensis (R. E. Fries) J. K. Morton based on C. kapatensis R. E. Fries, Isodon, schimperi (Vatke) J. K. Morton based on P. schimperi Vatke, Solenostemon autrani (Briquet) J. K. Morton based on C. autrani Briquet, and S. porpeodon (J. G. Baker) J. K. Morton based on P. porpeodon J. G. Baker. Also two new names are put forward, P. puberulentus J. K. Morton to replace C. gracilis Gurke and P. pseudobarbatus J. K. Morton to replace C. vestitus J. G. Baker.The genus Coleus has been included in Plectranthus by most recent workers (e.g., Adams, 1972; Agnew, 1974; Codd, 1975; Brummitt, 1992) following the proposals of the present author (Morton, 1962). Also Solenostemon, and Isodon are regarded as separate genera, distinct from Plectranthus (Morton, 1962; Codd, 1975; Li, 1988; Ryding, 1992, 1993). As part of a revision of the Ethiopian species in this group of genera, several new names and combinations are needed in order to bring the account into line with current generic concepts. The following changes are proposed.

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