Comparative pollen morphology and ultrastructure of Mentheae subtribe Nepetinae (Lamiaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:H. - K. Moon, Vinckier, S., Smets, E., Huysmans, S.
Journal:Rev Palaeobot Palyno
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Angiosperms, Grains, Labiatae, Nepetinae, Nepetoideae, Orbicules, Palynology, Salvia Lamiaceae, Sequence Data, Sexine Ornamentation, Systematic Implications, Tapetum, Ultrastructure

{This study provides new pollen data of 52 representative species belonging to all 12 genera in the currently classification of the subtribe Nepetinae, and considers the possible presence of orbicules for the first time. Pollen morphology and ultrastructure were investigated with light, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy. Nepetinae pollen is small to large (P= 16-65 mu m

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