Chemical constituents from Clinopodium urticifolium

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2004
Authors:X. M. Wei, Cheng, J. K., Cheng, D. L., Gao, L. M.
Journal:J Chin Chem Soc-Taip
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Bupleurum-Falcatum L, Clinopodium Urticifolium, Flavonoids, Herb, Oleanane-Triterpene Saponins, Oleanane-Triterpene Saponins Lignan, Roots, Saikogenin, Saikosasponin-Type Saponins, Sapogenin

Six new triterpene saponins and a new lignan have been isolated from the n-BuOH and EtOAc solubles of the MeOH extracts of the whole plant of Clinopodium urticifolium. The structures of the new secondary metabolites, named clinopodiside I-V (6,1, 2,3, 4), clinoposaponin Ga (5) and R-(Z)-rosmarinic acid B (7), were deduced from the spectroscopic data (1D, 2D-NMR, FAB-MS, HRESI-MS, EI-MS) and by chemical transformation studies.

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