Aromatic plants from Brazil .4. Essential oil composition and allelopathic effect of the Brazilian lamiaceae Hesperozygis ringens (Benth) Epling and Hesperozygis rhododon Epling

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:G. L. vonPoser, Menut, C., Toffoli, M. E., Verin, P., Sobral, M., Bessiere, J. M., Lamaty, G., Henriques, A. T.
Journal:J Agr Food Chem
Date Published:Jan
Keywords:Essential Oil Composition, Hesperozygis Rhododon Epling, Hesperozygis Ringens (Benth) Epling, Lamiaceae, Menthone, Pulegone

Samples of Hesperozygis ringens (Benth.) Epling and Hesperozygis rhododon Epling essential oils were analyzed by a combination of analytical techniques: capillary gas chromatography, liquid/solid chromatography, GC/MS coupling, and NMR spectroscopy. Twenty-four components have been identified representing altogether more than 95% of the oil content. The oil of H. ringens is constituted mainly by pulegone (79.2%) accompanied by several oxygenated derivatives (pulegone oxides, 1.2%; 8-hydroxy-p-menth-3-one, 1.3%; and 8-hydroxy-p-menth-4-en-3-one, 3.7%); that of H. rhododon contains menthone and pulegone as main compounds in almost comparable amounts (43.4% and 29.6%, respectively). Tests carried out on lettuce seeds using alcoholic extracts of the two species showed significant antigerminating properties mainly for H. ringens. The same activity was observed with its essential oil.

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